Shroud T-Terminal Retaining Plug 1/8 - 3mm



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This rubber retaining plug is extra security that the shroud tang will stay in place in the T-terminal backing plate.

Fits Alexander Roberts BP3/4 Backing Plate
Fits Gibb / Navtec N740-M03 Backing Plate
Fits Hayn SHBPM03 Backing Plate

Hayn Part Number Head Width Inner Width Length
HYN-SHRPM03 0.5 0.32 0.63
HYN-SHRPM04 0.68 0.45 0.89
HYN-SHRPM05 0.74 0.58 0.89
HYN-SHRPM07* 0.95 0.74 1.25
HYN-SHRPM10* 0.95 0.74 1.25


* Note M07 and M10 size are the same plug. The M10 has a stiffener plastic plug in which is usually white in color but can sometimes be red.

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