Sailtec -17 Extra Long Integral Backstay Adjuster Black Anodized

Sailtec -17 Extra Long Integral Backstay Adjuster Black Anodized



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SAILTEC was one of the first companies to combine a hydraulic cylinder with a small hydraulic pump commonly known as an Integral. For almost 30 years SAILTEC has manufactured and improved the Integral. This proven Integral hydraulic adjuster now features a low profile hydraulic pressure gauge mounted at top of cylinder tube. The top mount location allows easier gauge reading and low profile provides secure and snag-free operation. SAILTEC has also modified the design of the pump lever and handle on the integral adjuster. This new design provides a more compact dimension to the integral assembly and enhances product appearance with 316 stainless steel handle and new textured all-weather handgrip (Kung Foo Grip).

Product Specifications
Stroke (mm)=406
Stroke (in)=16
PCLC (mm)=838
PCLC (in)=33
Max Pull Force (kg)=3693
Max Pull Force (lbs)=8750
Pin / Gap (mm)=15.9
Pin / Gap (in)=0.63
Rod Diam (mm)=19
Rod Diam (in)=0.75

Full Specification Sheet for all Sailtec Integrals

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