Protect Tape Mask


Protect Tape

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PROtect MASK is a tape combining a thin film of highly tensilized skived PTFE, a synthetic fluoropolymer, with a high temperature silicon adhesive.
Our films have the highest per unit strength, toughness and high temperature resistance of any PTFE product.
The low friction coefficient together with the resistance to abrasion, offers an efficient solution to many wearing and tearing problems.
The extremely low coefficient of friction of this film is only secondo to DLC (diamond like carbon), therefore it�s the only known surface to which a gecko cannot stick.

Typical applications:
- running rigging
- bobstays and strops
- standing rigging, spreaders and turnbuckles
- forestay, backstay, runners and other cables
- all uneven or irregular surfaces
- ideal for wrapping parts where build up can occur

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