OGM Q Steaming LED Nav Light- Black



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WEEMS & PLATH OGM Series Q Collection Mast Mount LED Steaming/Masthead Navigation Light

Typically, the light is called a Masthead light for power vessels and Steaming light for sailing vessels, but these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. The Q Steaming/Masthead LED Nav Light has 5 nautical miles of visibility and is perfect for both power and sailing vessels that are up to 164-feet in length. 

New to the Weems & Plath OGM Series, the Q Collection is the next generation of LED Navigation lights and incorporates the latest LED technology using a modular, modern design. All Q Collection lights are upgradeable, more efficient, and 20-30% brighter than LX Collection lights. 

Includes a waterproof, quick-disconnect plug with 6-foot mating cable assembly featuring a PVC jacket. Mounting bracket sold separately.


  • Super-efficient light that is ready for tomorrow's connections with upgradeable circuitry
  • Hard-coated anodized aluminum housing
  • Continuous Luminosity Controller™ maintains lifetime brightness
  • 5NM Steaming - brightest light available
  • USCG Certified

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