OGM KIS LED Light - White Housing with Blue LED

OGM KIS LED Light - White Housing with Blue LED



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The OGM KIS (Keep it Simple) compact design allows for a variety of uses simply by your choice of mounting brackets or LED color choice. By emitting just the right amount of light to reach the full length of a boat or mast without being overbearing, the KIS light offers an even 140 degree spread in the exact color your application needs, so whether it’s a blue mast light, a red night light, a white down or spreader light, the OGM KIS is up to the task.

  • Compact Design (2″x2.25″x.75″)
  • Lightweight but solid (5 oz solid aluminum)
  • Even light angle spread (140 degrees)
  • 100 lumens/W
  • Wide voltage range 9VDC-30VDC
  • 2ft of 18 AWG Marine Grade Molded Jacket Wire
  • 2 threaded holes either side & 2 at bottom
  • Compact Design allows flexibility to use the light in a variety of areas too difficult to light by other fixtures.
  • Lightweight but solid housing lets you connect it where weight might be an issue.
  • Even light angle spread lets you light up areas like masts, foredecks, cockpits or sails.
  • Using the most efficient lumens per Watt, this light packs a punch while still being able to run for 10 hours on a 9V battery. Use as wired to the boat, or battery pack, the wide voltage range allows for power versatility.
  • 2ft of rugged marine-grade molded wire means you can ensure a consistent connection for years to come.
  • We’ve added several threaded holes to mount the light in so many ways. Use our mounts or create your own.

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