Navtec -6 / -10 Series 8/9 Integral Backstay Adjuster Gauge Housing



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This seal kit is for the repair of a -6 or -10 Navtec hydraulic integral backstay adjuster. This is for a Series 8 adjuster which is round with an external stainless steel tube (see Photo). If you integral does not look like the attached photo then check the Series 7, and Series 9 seal kit pages.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that this part is serviced by an an Authorized Navtec service agent who has been trained in the repair of these parts. Ignoring this warning could result in serious bodily injury or death.

Navtec Series 8 integrals can be identified two different ways. There is a plaque on the cylinder with a model and serial number, but very often those are no longer readable. If you cannot read the part number on the plaque then you can use the below table to identify the integral and seal kit by cross referencing the Clevis Pin Diameter, and Piston Rod Diameter. It is highly recommended that calibers or micrometers are used to take accurate measurements. Offshore Spars is not responsible for mis-measurement and/or selection of seal kits.

Cylinder Part # Dash Size Piston Rod Diameter Clevis Pin Diameter Seal Kit
IA8-6 -6 0.538in (11.1mm) 0.438in (11.1mm) A370-SKLE-010
IA8-10 -10 0.500in (12.7mm) 0.500in (12.7mm)
IA8-12 -12 0.625in (15.9mm) 0.625in (15.9mm) A370-SKLE-017
IA8-17 -17 0.625in (15.9mm) 0.625in (15.9mm)
IA8-22 -22 0.750in (19.1mm) 0.750in (19.1mm) A370-SKLE-022

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