Harken -48 Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinder - Short - Black Anodized



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Harken single acting cylinders are perfect for mast, sail, and keel controls. They stand up to years of high-stress use in harsh marine environments and have proven themselves on yachts of all types?from racers to bluewater cruisers and megayachts. Their efficiency, longevity, and reliability are evident in the selection of high-quality components, all supported by workmanship of the highest standards.

Product Specifications
Stroke (mm)=-48
Stroke (in)=300
PCLC (mm)=11.8
PCLC (in)=719
Max Pull Force (kg)=15614
Max Pull Force (lbs)=34423
Pin / Gap (mm)=28.6
Pin / Gap (in)=1.13
Rod Diam (mm)=25
Rod Diam (in)=0.98

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