Harken 3223 57mm HL Padeye Teardrop Block



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The entire line of Black Magic; AirBlocks; has been redesigned with a sleek new look. Their unique, performance-packed engineering remains exactly the same.Teardrop blocks are ideal as masthead leads and in other applications where limited articulation or direct attachment is desired. When attached to a compatible padeye, Teardrop blocks will not hit the deck when lines are slack, but allow enough movement to ensure fair leads.

Product Specifications
Sheave Diam (mm)=57
Sheave Diam (in)=2.25
Max Rope Diam (mm)=10
Max Rope Diam (in)=0.375
BL (kg)=1134
BL (lb)=2500
MWL (kg)=1134
MWL (lb)=2500

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