Harken -110 Aluminum Hydraulic Push/Pull Boomvang - Black Anodized



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Harken single acting vangs change the height of the boom to help control sail shape. They also function as a topping lift to hold the boom up when reefing and to keep it level when the sail is flaked. Harken offers a full range of vang cylinders: single-acting air return for smaller boats and lighter weight booms, and powerful push/pull double-acting cylinders for larger boats with heavier in-boom furling systems or Park Avenue booms.

Product Specifications
Stroke (mm)=515
Stroke (in)=20.3
PCLC (mm)=Min: 1778; Max: 4826
PCLC (in)=Min: 70; Max: 190
Max Pull Force (kg)=22422
Max Pull Force (lbs)=49431
Pin / Gap (mm)=5.28
Pin / Gap (in)=0.21
Rod Diam (mm)=115
Rod Diam (in)=4.53

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