Forespar MareLube TEF-45 30cc Syringe

Forespar MareLube TEF-45 30cc Syringe



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MareLube TEF 45 is designed specifically for high load extreme pressure anti corrosion, anti-seize, and bi-metal barrier applications. It is a completely waterproof, tenacious, synthetic grease containing 45 percent PTFE sub-micron size powder. This is the highest percentage PTFE available anywhere. Will not wash away in fresh or salt water or detergents.< br>
Heavy Loads This formulation makes TEF 45 perfect for high-load extreme pressure lubrication in a fresh or salt water environment. This highly adhesive waterproof synthetic grease lubricates and is designed to mechanically plate metal surfaces with a PTFE film to provide maximum protection against friction, wear and corrosion. This combination enhances load capacity and gives TEF 45 an extremely wide operating temperature range.

Stops Corrosion This totally waterproof and chemical-resistant, synthetic grease prevents corrosion by adhering to and protecting metal surfaces. It is designed to seal out water and lubricate under the most demanding conditions.

Bi-Metal Barrier This maximum PTFE formulation also makes TEF 45 ideal for bi-metal anti-corrosion applications. TEF 45 seals out water and electrolytes from entering the small gaps around fasteners and between metals. With 45 percent PTFE micro powder and no volatile solvents or silicones or petroleum to evaporate, it prevents voids for electrolytes to be drawn into these gaps and creating a galvanic microcell that causes corrosion over extended periods of time.

Stops Seizing and Galling When applied to both surfaces before assembly, it leaves a layer of 45 percent solid PTFE between threads and all other contacts. This long-lasting friction barrier, with no volatile solvents, silicones or petroleum to evaporate, will not cold flow or dry out. This protection lasts for years until the hardware is dissembled, preventing seizing and galling. TEF 45 also acts as a parting lubricant on all surfaces it is applied to.

Electrical Protection TEF 45 protects and can be used on all electrical connections. It is an excellent dielectric grease and does insulate or increase the resistance of power connections. The pure synthetic grease and 45 percent PTFE micro powder flows out of the electrical contact points and into the surrounding gaps. With no volatiles to evaporate, it prevents voids for electrolytes to be drawn into the connection and prevents corrosion.

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