Antal 543.130 - Cam 611 Clutch - Triple Silver Handle



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The V-Grip is an Antal patented system for rope locking. It works with a pressure exerted on 3 sides of the line with a higher friction and, consequently, with a lower pressure, in order not to damage manoeuvres. The V-Grip system has the following characteristics: Pressure on three sides. Unlike the usual flat cam, V-Grip is fitted with a V-shaped cam that improves the holding strength without damaging the line cover. Load distribution. The curved base-V-Cam pair increases the bearing surface, preventing the load from being concentrated at a critical point. Line retrieval with closed lever. Line retrieval can be achieved with the lever closed. The line stops automatically in the new position with no slippage. Emergency opening. The line can be released under load without the use of a winch because the Antal mechanism guarantees easy opening even under heavy conditions. A complete range with 7 different models for lines from 6 to 22 mm. All Antal models, except the Maxi and the VJ/VH, are available in single, double, triple and quadruple versions. The Cam 611 and Cam 814 are also available in a silver version with the new ergonomic aluminium lever.

Product Specifications
Min Diam Line (mm)=6
Min Diam Line (in)=0.25
Max Diam Line (mm)=10
Max Diam Line (in)=0.375
SWL at Max Diam (kg)=500
SWL at Max Diam (lb)=1102
SWL at Min Diam (kg)=250
SWL at Min Diam (lb)=551

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