Antal 100mm Single Looper Becket Block with Snap Loop



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The Antal Looper block is an ultralight one-piece-frame block provided with a dyneema Snap-Loop for fast, easy and safe connections. The hard black anodized one-piece-aluminium frame; resin sheave on composite fibre bushing and double side ball bearings; Dyneema Snap-Loop. The one-piece-frame. The one-piece aluminium extruded body is the strongest and lightest solution, no assembling pin rivets or screws and nuts. CNC machined - polished - hard black anodized and teflon coated.

Product Specifications
Sheave Diam (mm)=100
Sheave Diam (in)=3.94
MWL (kg)=16
MWL (lb)=0.625
BL (kg)=3500
BL (lb)=7716
Max Rope Diam (mm)=3500
Max Rope Diam (in)=7716

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