Antal 00501/C - 50mm Swivel Block + Cam Cleat

Antal 00501/C - 50mm Swivel Block + Cam Cleat



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New by Antal the One Piece Frame block, the block without pins or screws, it is a light and strong solution: simply a hard black anodized and teflon coated aluminium frame in one piece. A complete range from 50 to 140 mm sheaves in single, double, triple, fiddle, and deck versions, for webbing or shackle connection. Sizes are based on the range of HR shackles available and on their safe working load (SWL). The HR swivel head. Made in high resistance stainess steel, with three positions: swiveling head, longitudinal lock and transversal lock. HR shackles included. The one-piece-frame. The one-piece aluminium extruded body is the strongest and lightest solution, no assembling pin rivets or screws and nuts. CNC machined - polished - hard black anodized and teflon coated. The composite fibre sheave. The resin (aluminium on larger mod) sheave runs on the main Composite Fibre bearing and on a ground s.steel hub: low friction highloads - no lubricant required. The self-captive side ball bearing reduces the friction and makes disassembling, cleaning and maintenance very easy. Sheaves are supplied with the s.steel hub, they are available separately.

Product Specifications
Sheave Diam (mm)=50
Sheave Diam (in)=2
Max Rope Diam (mm)=10
Max Rope Diam (in)=0.375
MWL (kg)=600
MWL (lb)=1322
BL (kg)=600
BL (lb)=1322

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