Allen Stopper Knob

Allen Stopper Knob



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Small Ball Stopper – Ball stoppers can be used in a variety of applications with rope or shock cord. Most commonly used to stop knots from coming undone and to stop a line from leaving a system by creating a bigger stopper. Available in a variety of colours.


Small Ball Stopper

Title external diameter mm max knot diameter mm max rope diameter mm weight g
A..22-SMALL Small Ball Stopper 13 7 3 2.5
A.122-LARGE Large Ball Stopper 25 14.5 5 10
A.222-MEDIUM Medium Ball Stopper 19 9.5 4 2
A.271 Black Tube Rope Stopper 17 - 5 5
A.322-XL Extra Large Ball Stopper 31 17 6 30

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