Airfoil Carbon Tubing - Twill Shiny Resin Finish - 7.25in Chord


Offshore Spars

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Offshore Spars airfoil carbon fiber tubes are the highest quality pre-preg, vacuum bagged, autoclave cured, wing shaped carbon tubes available. Our process of hand layup allows for better ply orientation and greater control, producing airfoil tubing suitable for high tension, compression, and bending applications. These carbon wing tubes are manufactured to have compression stiffness up to 50% higher than aluminum and a tensile strength comparable to A36 steel. The shape of the airfoil section has a blunt leading edge with a tapered and slightly rounded trailing edge which makes this aerodynamic carbon tubing perfect for wings, spoilers, bike frames, or many other applications which want to benefit from the advantages of carbon fiber and a wing or airfoil shape.

Tubing is sold in precut lengths or By the Foot. If you select by the foot please enter the total number of feet you would like to order and in the notes field checkout please advise how many pieces and how long you would like each to be, we do not charge a cutting fee. For example if you want want 12 pieces at 1.5ft each, then you would order quantity 18 and specify 12 pieces at 1.5ft at checkout.

There restrictions on the continuous length for each piece, if you need to make a custom request please contact us and we would be happy to let you know the restrictions and/or offer a custom quote.

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