Karver External Furling Lock



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The Karver  KFH hook is a 2-in-1 external hook. That is to say that it is both a hook but also a swivel. It was designed to replace a standard swivel (the upper part of the furler) and is therefore used with a furler drum. The assembly is particularly light and compact.

Invented by Karver, the KFH hook is more than proven. It has been equipping more than 70% of Imocas for more than 10 years. This is not, however, a product exclusively reserved for racing. It is found more and more on travel yachts and particularly catamarans for their scoops or codes 0.

Ref PF320150 [KFH] PF320300 [KFH] PF320450 [KFH] PF320600 [KFH] PF320800 [KFH]
Weight 0.3 kg 0.9 kg
Boat size 10 to 30ft 30 to 50ft 40 to 80ft 40 to 80ft 40 to 90ft
Workload 1.50 T 3.00 T 4.50 T 6.00 T 8.00 T
Breaking load 3.00 T 6.00 T 9.00 T 12.00 T 16.00 T

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